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Pet Pals in Windland. Educating children to the importance of renewable energy sources

Pet Pals in Windland, a new animated feature film in 3D stereoscopic on the subject of renewable energy resources, was released in cinemas in Italy on 27 March 2014 - following a preview in Rome in the presence of the UNESCO Venice Office. The short cartoon "Wow, What an Island!" is shown in the film credits.

Produced by Gruppo Alcuni, ‘Petpals in Windland’ sees the 5 inseparable friends, heroes of the H2Ooooh! Initiative that on the theme of water promotes scientific knowledge and more sustainable behaviour among young people worldwide, back into a new exciting adventure against the arch nemesis Crow Witch. The Pet Pals live in Puff, better known as Windland: a small town where everything, absolutely everything, works thanks to the power of the wind. The wind is “born” in a cave inside a mountain behind Windland and is guarded night and day by the Wind Keeper.

The evil Crow Witch is determined to get her hands on the Spinwheel which generates the wind needed to power the town and in doing so take complete control of Windland. First of all though she must get rid of the Pet Pals, who will use all their skills and astuteness to stop the witch from carrying out her dastardly plan. An action packed family film with plenty of twists and turns, colourful characters and hilarious gags, which also highlights the importance of renewable energy sources using humour and adventure. Will Crow Witch’s diabolical machines be enough to defeat the Pet Pals?

* * * * *

Petpals in Windland is filled with action and with numerous moments in which the audience is invited to take an active role to highlight the importance of renewable energy sources. Presented at the 70th Venice International Film Festival, the film was the leitmotiv of ‘OVS Children Save the World’, an initiative promoted by OVS in cooperation with the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe, Venice (Italy), and Gruppo Alcuni.

‘OVS Children Save the World’ was an invitation for children to draw a storyboard for a short cartoon starring the Pet Pals on issues related to environmental sustainability. It was a unique opportunity for them as the 3 most interesting ideas were selected to become real shorts to be broadcasted all over the world, and the most significant short "Wow, What an Island!" is now shown in the “Pet Pals in Windland" film credits.


Watch: Pet Pals in Windland's trailer  [1:53]