Permanent exhibition "More Than One Life" in the Kollwitz Museum Berlin

20 April 2017

Käthe Kollwitz is undoubtedly one of the most significant women in recent centuries. Her art is entirely unique and displays all the characteristics of true genius. The broad range of her artistic work embraces life’s great questions, from the serious – suffering in all its forms, poverty and death, hunger and war – to the bright and cheerful.

This polarity within her work is little known and our exhibition aims to bring it to light. The exhibition shows that it was not an obsession with life’s tragedies which led her to focus on such dark subjects. Neither do the multitude of extremely impressive self-portraits reveal oppressive or self-tormenting forces within her. On the contrary, these portraits are bursting with life, audacity and self-confidence. What is more, they are all of great beauty.