People and biosphere: a showcase of biosphere reserves at UNESCO


Biodiversity is the living fabric of our planet. Our responsibility as human beings is to respect life and its diversity, to promote ecological solidarity with other living species, to transform our roles, actions and relationships with biodiversity, for the perpetuation of humankind.

Among the hundreds of ways of respecting the landscapes and the lives they harbor, this exhibition presents an approach based on one of the most sensible international initiatives launched by UNESCO. Something that invariably begins by putting humans back in the middle of the environment, in the heart of Nature. This is what is recognized, what is experienced with the Man and the Biosphere (MAB) programme and it’s World Network of Biosphere Reserves, which counts 686 biosphere reserves in 122 countries.

An international commitment to connect people with nature for an inspiring future, to share values such as celebrating life, empowering people, modeling solutions and belonging together to something bigger. In other words, there are no humans without a biosphere. Little, if anything, is more necessary and urgent today than changing the trends, coexisting respectfully and peacefully with each other and with the rest of the Earth’s living creatures...and to bequeath to future generations our unique planet, with all its potential…

This exhibition is just a sample of the diversity of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves. It is visible on the fences of UNESCO Headquarters, near 125 avenue de Suffren in Paris, France, until 15 May 2019. It was organized with the support of AXA, and includes images first displayed in Spain with support from Fundación AXA and contributions from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fishing, Food and the Environement of Spain.


© Kuba Bakowski / via Pew Charitable Trusts
Tsa Tue is the homeland of the Sahtuto’ine, the ‘Bear Lake People’, the First Nation Dene community of Délı̨nę, “where the water flows” who are managing this unique biosphere reserve (Canada). © Kuba Bakowski / via Pew Charitable Trusts
© Juan Carlos López / agefotostock
Siberut island, home to the Mentawaian has been isolated from the Sumatra mainland for probably 1 million years. It counts with an exceptionally high degree of faunal endemism. (Indonesia) © Juan Carlos López / agefotostock
© Luftbild Bertram / Blickwinkel / agefotostock
Situated close to the mouth of the Elbe River, Waddensea of Hambourg Biosphere Reserve represents an estuary system which is the habitat for the seal Phoca vitulina and a large diversity of birds and fish (Germany). © Luftbild Bertram / Blickwinkel / agefotostock