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Participate in Online Debate on the Global Alliance for Media and Gender

UNESCO and partners launch a global online debate on the Global Alliance on Media and Gender (GAMG) in connection with the upcoming Global Forum on Media and Gender (GFMG), which will be held from 2 to 4 December in Bangkok, Thailand.

This is your opportunity to take an active stance by joining the debate if you are a journalist, journalism educator, media owner, editor, media executive, researcher, activist for gender equality in and through media, a citizen journalist, blogger and/or if you are a member of  a media organization, regulatory body (such as broadcasting commission) or media self-regulatory body, public or private entity, UN agency, funds or programme, national, regional and international development agency, NGO, CBO, association, network, training/academic institution and and your organization is involved in gender and media related activities or gender equality issues, whether online or off line. Your participation is essential to the setting up of the alliance.

Join the global debate about GAMG by clicking on the following link, Join the Global Debate.  

The outcomes of this debate will contribute to the draft Framework and Action Plan for GAMG. This document will be further deliberated and adopted during GFMG.

Some of the issues to be addressed are:

1. What functions can the Alliance be expected to perform?

2. What structure should it take to effectively perform such functions?

3. Where such a structure should be housed?

4. What sustainability arrangements will better serve such a structure?

5. What are two priority activities that the Alliance should undertake?

6. What should be the Alliance’s programme of activities for the next two years?

Your contribution is crucial so join the debate now and let you voice be heard - create an account through the link Join the Global Debate.