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OpenEMIS v.2- UNESCO launches a new generic and open source Education Management Information System (EMIS)



UNESCO launched a new version of OpenEMIS, a generic and open source Education Management information System (EMIS) software package issued without conditions or restrictions for use by countries.

Able to run offline on desktop computers or on the web and on mobile devises, OpenEMIS facilitates the collection, processing, analysis and supports the dissemination of data on education systems. It is a tool conceived to be easily and quickly adapted to the needs of information producers and users at national and sub-national levels. 

It manages a broad range of information: data on student enrolment, teachers, non-teaching staff, classes, textbooks, infrastructure, finances and learning outcomes.  

In order to meet country requirements, OpenEMIS can handle both individual and aggregated (census) datasets for pupils, teachers and non-teaching staff. 

OpenEMIS also provides seamless integration with DevInfo, the database system endorsed by the United Nations for tracking country progress towards the Millennium Development Goals and other national priorities.  

The OpenEMIS initiative is led by UNESCO and is backed by a strong technical support team equipped to assist countries with all aspects of country implementation.  The OpenEMIS initiative encourages country-level capacity development and aims to help countries upgrade their local skills for managing the tool. UNESCO has a partnership with Community Systems Foundation to assist in technology transfer and EMIS deployment strategies, capacity development, and technical support. 

For more information about OpenEMIS, visit or contact UNESCO’s OpenEMIS focal points: Pierre Chapelet (p.chapelet(at) and Nyi Nyi Thaung (nn.thaung(at)