OMEP launches Resource Bank on Early Childhood Education and ESD



The World Organization for Early Childhood Education (OMEP), a key partner of the Global Action Programme on ESD (GAP), has developed a resource bank on early childhood education. The database which is currently still being filled includes a variety of research, policy and practice-based information about Education for Sustainable Development for young children, practitioners, scholars and decision-makers:

"The UNESCO Early Childhood Resource Bank, developed by OMEP, is a data base that will include a variety of research, policy and practice-based information about education for sustainable development (ESD) for young children (birth to age 8), practitioners, early childhood teacher educators, scholars, and other stakeholders, including local, national, and global decision makers. 

The data base currently includes links to research and downloadable PDFs about ESD in the field of early childhood education. It will soon be updated to include national policy statements, lesson plans, syllabi, list of children’s books, project descriptions, and books, among other resources. The Resource Bank will be updated four times a year. The OMEP Working Group on GAP will invite OMEP members from nearly 70 countries around the world and other experts in the field to contribute to the Resource Bank to enhance its depth and breadth. 

The primary goals for the Resource Bank are to collect and disseminate scientific and practical knowledge to (1) increase awareness about the importance of ESD during the early years, especially for children younger than school-entry age; (2) inspire practitioners, early childhood teacher educators, researchers, policy makers, political and administrative officers, community leaders, and media to prioritize ESD within their spheres of influence; and (3) provide resources to enable them to animate inspirations and good intentions into actions that impact young children and, at the same time, capitalizes on children’s capacities to contribute to a sustainable, peaceful world. The design and function of the Early Childhood Resource Bank mirror the UNESCO ESD Resource Bank site"

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