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OECD-UNESCO Joint Initiative: Survey of Teachers in Pre-primary Education (STEPP)

12 July 2016

UNESCO and the OECD have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding to formalize their cooperation in the Survey of Teachers in Pre-primary Education (STEPP) project. The cooperation focuses on the development of STEPP in alignment with the OECD TALIS Starting Strong Survey (International Staff Survey in Early Childhood Education and Care), which is currently being developed.

The two organizations will work toward harmonizing their survey tools offered to their Member States and generating comparable data across participating countries of both surveys. The cooperation will enhance their collective contribution to supporting the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Target 4.2 on universalizing quality early childhood care and education as well as the SDG Means of Implementation 4.c on increasing the supply of qualified teachers at all levels.

The STEPP project aims to develop a survey tool to collect cross-national data on the situations, practices and needs of pre-primary education personnel. It will contribute to strengthening the evidence base required to develop effective strategies for quality pre-primary education. The participating countries of the project are the Dominican Republic, Ghana, Namibia, the Philippines, Togo and Viet Nam.