Noor pursues lifelong learning with support from Korea and UNESCO

Amman, Jordan
04 - Quality Education
05 - Gender Equality

Noor Totanji, came to Jordan with her husband and three children in 2013. Most of her extended family relocated to Lebanon, and during her early days in Jordan, Noor and her family received support from some relatives who had settled in Jordan before the beginning of the Syrian crisis.

Noor was eager to begin a meaningful life in her adopted country and she soon began to volunteer as an enthusiastic member of the relief team at the Jordan Red Crescent Society.  Some of Noor’s colleagues at the Red Crescent who were studying at Luminus Technical University College (Al Quds College), told Noor about the scholarship opportunities being offered by the Government of the Republic of Korea, with strong support and coordination from UNESCO. While Noor had successfully completed her Tawjihi credentials in Syria, she was seeking an opportunity to continue her studies in Jordan.

Noor soon applied for the scholarship and was accepted in the Retail Management BTEC program. She selected this program because she felt it would provide her with some strong experience and help her to enhance her personal and communication skills, by learning how to manage a range of customers.  “I really enjoyed how much I was able to develop my interpersonal skills during the program, and I especially enjoyed the life skills course”.

Noor completed the program in November 2018. “Having successfully finished my BTEC program, I feel I am more confident now about taking the next step towards my career”. Since graduating from her program, Noor has begun part time employment with the Jordan Red Crescent. “I am so happy that I did my on-the-job training at the Jordan Red Crescent Society; I think I have become stronger now”. Mr. Hazim Alnsour, Noor’s former instructor during her program, speaks proudly of her, “Since the beginning of the training, I have noticed Noor’s enthusiasm and strong desire to develop herself. I have believed in her success throughout”.

Noor’s current supervisor at work, Mr. Mahmoud Aleswid, also has high praise for Noor. “Noor is so committed and responsible in her work. She is a good self-starter and always willing to enhance her skills and knowledge. She shows a lot of initiative and has provided many additions that enhance the work environment here. I am proud to have her on my team”.

Noor continues to develop her skills and has recently begun taking photography courses. “It is enough to begin and not to allow anyone to break your dreams”.

Noor’s scholarship is one of the 250 scholarships offered under this project, supporting access to meaningful, accredited post-basic education for 75 vulnerable Jordanian youth and 175 Syrian refugee youth in Jordan. The project is implemented by the UNESCO Amman office, which has been taking a leadership role in ensuring the implementation of the 2030 Agenda. Sustainable Development Goal 4 is centered upon inclusive and quality education for all and promoting lifelong learning.