New UNITWIN strategy plan defined for Education for Sustainable Development

The Second International Conference of the UNESCO Chair for Education, Training and Research into Sustainable Development took place at Bordeaux Institut National Polytechnique on 14-15 March, 2016.

The conference entitled ‘What strategy 2016-2019 for education, training and research into sustainable development’ drew together representatives from 35 universities and 21 Member countries from UNESCO’s UNITWIN network as well as institutional and non-institutional partners.

At its opening Soo Hyang Choi, Director of the Division for Inclusion, Peace and Sustainable Development said: “To orient universities towards sustainable development means to include major local and global issues in the academic and research programmes, develop methods of teaching and learning in an interactive way to encourage critical thinking, analytical thinking, creativity, openness , self-confidence and self-esteem and create a comprehensive and environmentally responsible campus as a learning environment; to involve universities in activities related to respect for human rights , diversity and sustainable development in the local community; and thus promote the formation of citizens with a global conscience.”

The conference, which consisted of a series of workshops, aimed to develop a new four-year strategy for the Global Action Programme on ESD taking into account five priority actions:

  • Strengthening ESD policy;
  • Developing global institutional approaches;
  • Building capacity of educators and trainers
  • Mobiliser young people;
  • Encouraging collective activities