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A new study on biosphere reserve management in Africa: the case of Pendjari Biosphere Reserve, Benin

The study ‘Pendjari Biosphere Reserve Management: management methods and proposal for a conceptual model of sustainability’ (Gestion de la Réserve de Biosphère de la Pendjari: modes de gestion et proposition d’un modèle conceptuel de durabilité), authored by Dr Tiomoko Djafarou, focuses on the effectiveness over time of different management tools applied since the establishment of the Pendjari Biosphere Reserve (Benin) in 1986, in changing local regional and international contexts.

The author assesses the management of the biosphere reserve since its creation, identifying the various actors involved and their management approaches. He explores the intrinsic constraints of the management tools used and, based on the experience of Pendjari, develops a conceptual model for sustainable management of biosphere reserves. The research is based on a multidisciplinary methodological principle that combines two approaches: the sociology of innovation and human geography.

The proposed model for sustainable management of the Pendjari Biosphere Reserve is founded on a common vision shared among key stakeholders. This was developed through consultation and continuous dialogue with the stakeholders to reconcile divergent and diverse interests, purposes and objectives. The model is consistent with the statutory framework established for biosphere reserves and the Seville Strategy for Biosphere Reserves.