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Initiative: ‘Mangroves and Sustainable Development’

As part of the Initiative on Mangroves and Sustainable Development, managed by the UNESCO Quito Office in partnership with the Permanent Commission for the South Pacific (CPPS) and Conservation International - Ecuador, a video has been prepared highlighting the key reasons for this joint initiative.

Mangroves are a unique ecosystem of great ecological value offering multiple ecosystem goods and services (coastal protection against sea erosion, water purification, contribution to climate change mitigation through carbon build-up, scenic beauty, habitat and shelter for molluscs species and fish hatchery, among others). Moreover, they are the main source of economic security and food sovereignty in many communities living in the immediate environment.

Despite its vulnerability and the urgent need for conservation, this ecosystem is seriously threatened. The main dangers and threats at a regional level are changes in land use, the uncontrolled exploitation of mangrove resources, and pollution from both domestic and industrial discharge.

This initiative aims to promote the conservation and sustainable use of mangroves, to value these ecosystem goods and services, to address economic issues, and to emphasize the cultural, social and spiritual aspects of mangroves.