New media development projects to be assessed by IPDC Bureau

20 March 2017

The Press Union of Liberia is seeking international support to train 50 journalists and social media actors on conflict sensitive journalism.

In Myanmar, the Independent Ethnic Media Alliance (IEMA) is wants to help local ethnic media increase the diversity of media choice and provide relevant information to local communities, especially women and youth. 

El Salvador’s Association of Journalists (APES) is requesting assistance to improve the safety of journalists through a comprehensive approach that targets citizens, security forces and media workers, to cope with the increasing gang- and drug trafficking-related violence.

These are just a few examples of the 114 project proposals being submitted to IPDC’s Bureau in Paris over 21-22 March.

The Bureau, made up of eight UNESCO Member States’ representatives, will deliberate about the merits of each proposal and approve those that will be receive funding for implementation this year. At the end of the meeting, it is expected that the Programme will give grants to strategic media development projects in at least 30 countries.

The Liberian project aims to promote ethical and professional standards in journalism and enhance freedom of expression by listening to the views of all sides with the aim of giving fair, balanced and credible reporting. The last two elections in the country have been challenged by violence-ridden language and journalists have often been blamed for promoting hate speech.

For Myanmar, the project by the IEMA is a response to an ethnically diverse country where many groups are still underserved by the media. Broadcast, especially radio, can deliver critical information to ethnic communities better, but the sector is still underdeveloped.

El Salvador’s journalists association wants to train 350 journalists on safety issues and 80 security forces on the importance of keeping journalists safe, as well as to set up a national monitoring system on these issues in the country.

Detailed information about each of projects to be considered by the IPDC Bureau is available here.