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A new life for the Audiovisual E-Platform

It was when she viewed a documentary programme about two brothers in Cairo sharing a single pair of football boots, that medical doctor Joima Panisello became inspired. She began working with Miquel Segura, a film enthusiast since his youth, and Director of the UNESCO Association of Igualada. Other supporters like health communications expert Gloria Sanz also joined the team.

This passionate group is based in Igualada, a Spanish historical town, and they share a belief in the value of audio-visual documentary and intercultural communication. With several partnerships, including the Igualada Municipality, the Association this week took on the status of trial custodian of a unique global Audiovisual E-Platform - an archive that hosts, among others, the documentary about the Cairo brothers.

This repository includes almost 600 programmes that tell development stories from all over the world.  Since its genesis in 2004 at UNESCO, with the support of the Government of Spain, the E-Platform has attracted close to 8000 users.

Two years ago, the UNESCO Association of Igualada gave the project an extra boost, by hosting a training workshop for audio-visual producers from 23 countries. The subject matter that was covered was about innovation and entrepreneurship for the E-Platform.

On Monday 25 November, an agreement for the trial handover of the E-Platform was signed at the Igualada municipality in a ceremony presided over by the city’s Mayor Marc Castells. Showing their support for the initiative were Luis Ramallo, President of the Spanish National Commission for UNESCO, and Jean Michel Armengol, Secretary-General of the UNESCO National Commission in Andorra.

Over the next 18 months, the UNESCO Association of Igualada will set up a new website to host the E-Platform, add new programmes to it, and elaborate a sustainability plan. The former web-address is no longer valid.

When the facility is re-launched, UNESCO will promote it to broadcasters as well as to its general audience. The E-Platform will be a valuable online teaching resource for the recently-launched Global Alliance for Media and Information Literacy.