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Montevideo, Uruguay
06 - Clean Water and Sanitation

The scientific journal Aqua-LAC contains articles, technical notes and reviews on water resource management from a multidisciplinary approach

We are pleased to announce that Volume 11, number 2 of AquaLAC has already been published. You can download it here: Aqua-LAC, vol. 11, no. 2

From the UNESCO Intergovernmental Hydrological Program in Latin America and the Caribbean, we greatly appreciate the work done by the Board of Directors, the Editorial Board and the Editorial Staff, as well as the contribution of the authors.

About this issue

To face the challenges of accelerated urbanization, particularly in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, it is necessary to think about solutions to achieve more inclusive, resilient and sustainable cities. One of the biggest challenges comes from managing water resources and how to do it more appropriately.

In this issue of Aqua-LAC ten articles are presented: urban waters, resilient cities, sustainable drainage systems, the evaluation of sanitary and storm drainage systems, the evaluation of risk indices in services, reuse of water, flood problems, the use of a drought index using natural runoff, an analysis of flows in the Paraná river, and an analysis of the dynamics of the glacial contribution in the upper basin of the Yeso river .

About AquaLAC

Aqua-LAC magazine is a multidisciplinary publication that contains articles, technical notes and reviews in the field of water resources, both in its scientific dimension and in its economic and social dimension.

The content of each issue seeks to cover the needs of the scientific community in the field of water, managers of water resources, decision-makers and the general public.