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New international fundraising campaign showcases Senegal's Keur Thiossane art project

The Multimedia and Art project Keur Thiossane in Senegal is featured in a new international fundraising campaign launched to finance more projects supporting cultural industries and policies.

The Keur Thiossane project combines new technologies with artistic practice and trains African artists to use multimedia with traditional artistic form such as dance, painting or music. In 2012, it received US$50.000 from the International Fund for Cultural Diversity (IFDC), the 2005 Convention dedicated Fund. "Our specificity, and I think where we fit in with UNESCO, is really to defend the knowledge sharing, exchange the blending of disciplines, the diversity of artists," says Marion Louisgrand, executif director of Keur Thiossane, in a new video that describes the project.

Artists become competitive

"The contribution of IFCD has made it possible to develop a lot of actions in line with our values and has allowed a number of young artists enrich themselves and become competitive in job markets and in the creative industry in Senegal," she says.

Under the slogan "Your 1% counts for Creativity!", the new campaign aims to showcase the impact of IFCD's contributions in helping to support and consolidate dynamic cultural industries. The 131 Parties that have ratified the 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions provide voluntary regular contributions to the IFCD.

"Our message is that by investing in creativity we transform societies”, says Guiomar Alonso Cano, responsible for culture in UNESCO's Regional Office in Dakar (Senegal) and “the IFCD is an important mechanism that enables the Convention to make a real impact on the ground”.

Thanks to governmental and some individual donors, the IFCD has raised over US$ 5.9 million, which since 2010 has helped support 61 projects across 40 developing countries so far.

Supported projects in West Africa

In addition to the Keur Thiossane project, the Fund has supported a wide range of other projects to promote cultural policies and cultural industries in West Africa

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Mali: Acte Sept - NGO - Government and civil society determined to work together for culture

Niger : Compagnie Arène Théâtre- NGO- Performing arts steams ahead

Senegal: Keur Thiossane - NGO - African artists embrace the digital era. Optimiste Produktions - NGO- YAKAAR graduates boost West African performing arts sector Groupe 30 Afrique - ONG Training Senegalese cultural managers in cultural policy implementation

Niger : Bal’lame - NGO - Capacity building to promote emerging cultural industries in Niger-

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