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New Guide - Promoting Disaster Risk Reduction through Education

A new guide to help Ministries integrate disaster risk reduction in school curriculums, within an Education for Sustainable Development framework, has been published by UNESCO in partnership with UNICEF.

Towards a learning culture of safety and resilience: Technical guidance for integrating disaster risk reduction in the school curriculum  also provides appropriate teaching and learning methods for disaster preparedness. The methods suggested in the book empower and motivate learners and they support the development of a comprehensive culture of disaster resilience. 

Disasters have a major impact on children, youth and education systems. Since 2005, disasters have killed children in schools and destroyed thousands of classrooms in many countries such as Pakistan, Uganda, Philippines, China, Haiti, and Japan,  India, Bangladesh, Peru, Myanmar, Taiwan, New Zealand, Chile, USA. 

Studies of disaster trends and the likely consequences of climate change suggest that each year 175 million children are likely to be affected by natural hazard related disasters alone up from 65 million per year in the 1990s. Disasters prevent children from going to school, affecting their education and exacerbating their vulnerability. 

UNESCO and UNICEF believe that quality education can provide life-saving and life-sustaining information and skills that protect children and young people, in particular, during and after emergencies. Therefore, the inclusion of disaster risk reduction components in school curricula increases the level of preparedness and protection of individual learners and entire communities. 

The two agencies, with funding from the Government of Japan, developed this technical guidance instrument for education planners and curriculum specialists to support the inclusion of disaster risk reduction in education. 

The guide is a contribution towards renewed commitment to resilience and safety as part of the Hyogo framework for action 2 (HFA2), which will be launched during the 3rd World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (WCDRR) in Sendai, Japan  in  March  2015.The news guide is available online in PDF and in a Flipbook version: