New group of Iraqi education experts trained in preparing instructional material for teaching mathematics and science

Which is the best way to reflect new trends in teaching mathematics and science in Iraq’s student books and teacher guides? This was the main thrust of a recent nine day workshop aimed at providing Iraqi education specialists with better skills to prepare instructional material for teaching mathematics and science to grade 4 students.

The participants of the workshop, which was held from 28 June to 7 July in Amman, worked in a concrete, hands-on approach on first drafts of the mathematics and science student books and teacher guides by editing, revising and finalizing them.

At the end of the training, participants proudly presented the revised and edited copies of the student books and teacher guides.  This material will soon be tested in Iraqi schools, while the experts will apply their new skills in the preparation of other teaching material.

 “School curricula are the cornerstone in building the student mind. But good curricula are not sufficient.  We also need good instructional material to follow the curricula in the classroom”, said UNESCO consultant Khalil Elian, who trained the experts.

The workshop was organized by the UNESCO Office for Iraq within the framework of the project ‘Developing New Iraqi Curricula’. Funded by the foundation “Education Above All”, the project aims to advance modernization and reconciliation in Iraqi society by reformulating the Iraqi school curriculum and textbooks. The project provides technical assistance to develop skills in the major areas of curriculum development and curriculum assessment, thereby increasing the value added of the new curriculum in terms of impact on student acquisitions and achievement.