A new era for Teacher Management in Uganda


The Ministry of Education and Sports (MOES) has been grappling with the challenge of managing teachers’ data for years. Up until now, three different departments and Ministries carry out the teacher records management manually. This has led to inefficiency, concerns of poor record keeping and a lack of accurate data on teachers, which is needed for policy, planning and management purposes.

To tackle this challenge, UNESCO, through the CapED Programme, assisted Uganda’s the MOES Teacher Instructor Education Training department launch a new Teacher Management and Information System (TMIS) on 19 September 2018. The TMIS is an electronic web-based platform that digitizes the records surrounding a teacher’s career from their registration to when they leave the profession. This includes recruitment, deployment, appraisals, training, leave, payroll verifications and retirement. With these harmonized records, the system is then able to provide accurate and timely data with the aim of supporting the planning and implementation of teacher policies to improve teachers’ working conditions.

Since the development of the TMIS started in 2016, CapED has tested the functionalities of the system in 29 districts. As part of the testing period, the Programme helped train 337 education personnel, including head teachers, ICT teachers and district education officials for planning and human resources. They were trained on the collection, dissemination and analysis of comprehensive and sex-disaggregated data for teachers. UNESCO also awarded 15 computer sets, scanners and printers for the various units in the MOES and Ministry of Public Service to support the implementation of the system.

The implementation of this teacher management system contributes to Uganda’s commitment to the Education 2030 Agenda, which aims to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and to promote life-long learning opportunities for all. In pursuit of this goal, as well as supporting the development of TMIS, CapED is also working alongside the Ugandan government to harmonize teacher-training programmes, update and consolidate teacher a comprehensive teacher policy document and create a platform for social dialogue to facilitate discussion on the status of teachers.

UNESCO, through the Capacity Development for Education (CapED) Programme, supports the Ministry of Education in Uganda improve teachers’ data.

Photo: Left to Right: Victoria Kanobe Kisaakye - CAPED Programs Coordinator in Uganda, Rosie Agoi – Secretary General for the National Commission for UNESCO handing over a laptop as part of the TMIS equipment donated to the MOES to HE Hon. Janet Kataaha Museveni, The Minister of Education and Sport of Uganda. Looking on is the Minister of State for Primary Education, Hon. Rosemary Ssenninde and the Minister of State for Higher Education, Hon. J.C. Muyingo