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National Celebration of the global action week - Equal Right, Equal Opportunity



UNESCO participated in the national celebration of the annual Global Action Week (GAW) on Education for All (EFA) in Namibia. This annual campaign took place during the week of 7 to 11 July in Katima Mulilo (Zambezi Region). It was organized by Ministry of Education with the focus on the theme “Education and Disability” under the slogan “Equal Right, Equal Opportunity”.

The launch of the Global Action Week, held on 14st July started off with a march by lecturers, teachers and representatives from the Ministry of Education to the venue.

The ceremony was opened by Mr M.C. Matengu, followed by official statements by the Deputy Minister for Education, Honorable Silvia Makgone, the Govenor of Zambezi Region, and the Mayor of Katima Mulilo. UNESCO was represented by Melanie Seto who delivered the Director-General’s official statement for EFA GAW.

UNESCO’s statement was focused on highlighting the great progress of the country in terms of inclusive education but also to express how exclusion in education remains an alarming challenge today, encouraging all the attendants to contribute to break down barriers for people with disabilities and to empower them as agents of change.

Diverse cultural representations like choirs and school performances created a conducive awareness-raising environment where inclusive education was assumed as a commitment for the Ministry of Education.