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Monique Atlan and Roger-Pol Droit: It is urgent to renew with the forgotten notion of hope

24 October 2016

Hope, considered as the foundation of a society, is cruelly lacking today, claim Monique Atlan and Roger-Pol Droit. According to the French journalist and the French philosopher, hope is today a forgotten, neglected a depreciated notion, whereas it should become the main tool for building up a new future.

What is the general meaning of what we call hope? What does it mean today? What do the Humanities have to do in order to spread out cultural, historical, psychological, and a political knowledge of hope? Why dreaming is an essential part of human dignity? These are the main questions to which Monique Atlan and Roger-Pol Droit bring replies at the 4th World Humanities Forum, held in Suwon, Republic of Corea, from 27 to 29 October 2016. 

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