“Miraculous Healings”: Exhibition to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the death of Stefan Luchian

27 November 2016


© Romanian National Commission for UNESCO

The exhibition “Ştefan Luchian”, part of the “Miraculous Healings” exhibition project, was opened at Suţu Palace until 27 November 2016. The exhibition was conceived by Simona Predescu, an expert painting restorer, and Ioan D. Popa, Head of the Bucharest Municipality Museum Preservation and Conservation Department. Marking 100 years since the death of artist Ștefan Luchian, and 120 years since the May 2nd 1896 opening of the “Independent Artists’ Exhibition”, the exhibition aimed to illustrate and bring to the artistically inclined public’s attention the vast universe of a great artist, in a time of great turmoil for the social and artistic world, and, through the creation of a dialogue between painting as an act of creation and restoration work, to combine exhibited paintings with images showcasing moments from the process of restoration, returning the work to its original state. Nine paintings of the artist were presented, along with details from the restoration process of each of these pieces, carried out by the Painting Restoration Laboratory of the Bucharest Municipality Museum.