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Ministerial Declaration on Education and Awareness-raising adopted at UN Climate Change Conference



Ministers and heads of delegation attending the UN Climate Change Conference 2014 - COP20 - (1-12 December 2014, Lima, Peru) have adopted The Lima Ministerial Declaration on Education and Awareness-raising.

This Declaration calls on governments to include climate change into school curricula and climate awareness into national development and climate change plans.  

Marcin Korolec, President of COP 19/CMP 9  and Secretary of State, Ministry of the Environment, Poland, said that "this declaration is an important step towards bringing education back into the spotlight where it belongs".

The Declaration makes explicit reference to the importance of the UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development held in Aichi-Nagoya, Japan, from 10 to 12 November 2014, "which called for urgent action to further strengthen and scale up education for sustainable development."