MILCLICKS: A new movement on Media and Information Literacy on social networks


The world sees many millions of clicks each day as people engage online to play, read, watch video, listen to music, to socialize and to be informed.

Ahead of each of the clicks there is content someone created. “Are we clicking wisely?” asks UNESCO Programme Specialist Alton Grizzle. “Can we assess the content we reach and do we know the impact on our privacy?”

MILCLICKS is a new initiative by UNESCO and partners that aims to mainstream the development of Media and Information literacy (MIL) skills into daily online interaction.

“We want to integrate learning, creating and engaging, so that people click critically and wisely,” says Grizzle.

How do you know what you know?

The MIL CLICKS acronym stands for Critical thinking and creativity, Literacy, Intercultural, Citizenship, Knowledge and Sustainability. These are all elements that UNESCO includes in its composite concept of Media and Information Literacy (MIL).

UNESCO MIL CLICKS on social networks will share knowledge, tips and resources and provide people with insight about “how you know what you know?”.

Through channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, MIL CLICKS social media strategy will engage people to play, learn and use MIL skills, know how to evaluate information and how to identify and to find credible sources.

“Critical engagement goes hand in hand with encouraging people online to get involved into peace building, dialogue, promote tolerance, diversity, equality and freedom of expression,” says Grizzle.

Use the hashtag #MILCLICKS, click wisely and become a MILCLICKER

UNESCO invites everyone to become part of MIL CLICKS movement and use social media to involve minds and hearts by sharing posts, tips, solving quizzes, creating content and learning new skills.  

MILCLICKS challenges everyone to build, practice and hone their MIL skills creatively and critically.

“Wise clicking will lead all people that are taking part in MIL CLICKS to become a part of the global community of MIL CLICKERS”, says Grizzle.

MIL CLICKS is being implemented in English language as well as have regional language versions – the first two being in Serbian and Portuguese, developed in cooperation with local partners.

Visit the MILCLICKS webpage here: