A Message from Lebanon to the World on Cultural Diversity, for Dialogue and Development



Award Ceremony for winners at UNESCO regional office in Beirut

The UNESCO regional Office in Beirut conducted an award ceremony on “Cultural Diversity, for Dialogue and Development: A Message from Lebanon to the World” which was launched on the occasion of The World Day for Cultural Diversity with the participation of a number of Schools and Universities associated with UNESCO.

Dr. Hegazi Idris Representative of Dr. Hamad Al-Hamami, the Director of the UNESCO Regional Office in Beirut, launched the Award ceremony on Tuesday, October 20 2015 in the presence of a 100 students from various schools in Lebanon. Dr Hegazi highlighted the importance of this experience to all students on learning the cultural values of Dialogue.

In his lecture on "Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development”, Senior Adviser for the UNESCO Programme “Hawer” on Intercultural Dialogue Dr. Selim El-Sayegh noted that "Respect for diversity is to respect the right to be different, which is a fundamental human right". Lebanon represents cultural diversity. “Every single village and region in Lebanon has its own history, making the history of Lebanon a mosaic of all these histories”, he added. Dr. Sayegh said that dialogue and cultural diversity contributes to the overall human development and to establishing sustainable peace in Lebanon.

Novelist Nermin Khansa, Chairwoman of the Cultural Committee of the Arab Cultural Club, concluded with her speech, then followed by the announcement of the winners and the distribution of prizes intending to honor the different activities that students have worked on: graphics and short stories. Three students read the short stories that they have written to participate in this contest.

All works will be published on our website of the Hawer programme. www.hawer.org This contest was implemented by UNESCO Office in Beirut in the framework of "HAWER - King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Programme for a Culture of Peace and Dialogue"- a project that aims to promote peace and a culture of dialogue that respects diversity among people and nations. The contest also aimed to encourage the principles of joint work to influence prevention or resolution of disputes.