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Membership of UNESCO to the UK is Worth 6 Times the Investment

The United Kingdom National Commission for UNESCO undertook a study to examine evidence of financial benefits of UNESCO membership for the UK.

This report is an important reminder of the impact that UK’s membership of UNESCO can have, and the extent of the interests covered by the organization. The study found that the “financial benefit of UNESCO membership to the UK’s 180 UNESCO-affiliated organisations is an estimated £90 million (approximately US$140 million) per year,” six times the UK’s annual contribution to the Organisation.

The paper also provides examples of how the Organisation promotes UK principles and agendas, including international development, sustainable development, foreign policy, cultural diversity and influencing global policy.

“Financial benefits are just one way in which UNESCO membership is of value to the UK,” stated the report. “The primary benefit of the Organisation is that it furthers UK government objectives related to UNESCO’s interdisciplinary mandate to promote respect for human rights, encourage collaboration between states and support sustainable development.”

“This study shows the magnitude of UNESCO’s impact and puts figures and facts on the intangible assets of education, sciences and culture -- I encourage all countries, developed and developing, to undertake similar studies to measure the impact and importance of UNESCO to advancing their interests and our shared values,” stated the Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova.