The Megacities Alliance for Water and Climate at the first Asian International Water Week (AIWW)

Gyeonju, Republic of Korea
The first Asian International Water Week (AIWW) took place in Gyeonju, Rep. of Korea, from 20 to 23 September 2017, with a view to raise the world’s interest on Asia’s water situation and set the agenda so as to make it possible to increase the availability of resources. 
Asia being the most populated region of the world also has the highest number of megacities and hosts many candidate cities for the title in the near future. Asian megacities present 2 very different situations with on the one hand thousands years old historic cities like Beijing, Tokyo, or Seoul, and on the other hand, cities that have emerged only over the last centuries like Shanghai, Manila, or Karachi. All these cities however have to address water challenges in their own ways concerning the availability of resources, development of economic activity, global changes, and demographic pressure.
The Megacities’ Alliance for Water and Climate (MAWaC) has been presented in these conditions by UNESCO-IHP during the AIWW as a tool for megacities to make the necessary adaptations to more constraining situations expected in the near future. The development of a regional platform of the MAWaC in Asia was also introduced to the participant of the session 2.2 dedicated to “Efficient Water Management for Human Settlements of the Future”.