Marc James from Jamaica wins the Global design contest World Press Freedom Day 2016

A proposal with an image of speech bubbles in bright colors representing freedom of expression has been selected as the winning design for the visibility campaign of the upcoming World Press Freedom Day 2016. UNESCO received over 180 creative posters for the global competition, which aimed at highlighting the main theme of the year, ‘Access to Information and Fundamental Freedoms: This Is Your Right!’. Marc James from Jamaica is the designer behind the winning submission.

“The design submitted by Marc James, an art director from Jamaica, was chosen for its clarity and universal appeal. He drew inspiration from the free flow of ideas,” says Sylvie Coudray, Chief of Section for Freedom of Expression at UNESCO.

Marc James explains that his work symbolizes the freedom to release thoughts and ideas into the air. Openness and transparency evolved visually into chat bubbles or balloons, which proved to be even more fitting, as the practice of releasing balloons is used at memorials where journalists who have lost their lives exercising their profession are remembered.

“I believe freedom of information is a fundamental freedom and stands as one of the most important and relevant human rights. The right to seek, receive and impart information is critical for growth and development, as information affords the public with the power to act and make meaningful, knowledge-based decisions,” says Marc James. His work will be used in all communication materials for the WPFD 2016 celebrations. The main global event will be organized from 2 to 4 May in Helsinki, Finland, while various local and regional events will be organized all over the world to celebrate the Day.

Among the submissions, over twenty proposals were of such high quality that they have received an honorable mention to publicly recognize their exceptional design and hard work. UNESCO features a selected collection in the online gallery of the WPFD 2016 dedicated website.

UNESCO WPFD 2016 team wishes to thank all those who participated.