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Making technology work for education



Laptops, tablets and mobile phones are quickly changing the way we live and they are changing the way we learn.

Devices that were banned in schools just a few years ago are becoming commonplace in classrooms and increasingly integrated into day-to-day pedagogical practices.  Yet concrete and evidence-based knowledge about how mobile technology is best leveraged to improve education is only beginning to emerge. 

UNESCO Mobile Learning Week 2014 will bring together experts and government officials from around the world to discuss how new technologies can improve education outcomes and make learning more accessible and more equitable.  The theme of the event, now in its third year, is teachers.  How can mobile technology make teachers more effective and help them impart meaningful skills and understanding to students?  Questions about how technology, teachers and learners intersect have never been more relevant and Mobile Learning Week will engage these questions directly from 17 to 21 February 2014.