Local Water Solutions for Global Challenges


5-Week free e-learning programme supporting SDG 6 implementation

Access to clean water and sanitation is a basic human right that affects our health and our safety. We need safe water to drink every day, and adequate sanitation facilities to ensure that everyone has the ability to attend school or work. And, we need to manage the flow of wastewater regeneratively to protect our fragile ecosystems.

SDG 6 includes eight targets that are universally applicable and aspirational. They cover the entire water cycle including: provision of drinking water (target 6.1), sanitation and hygiene services (6.2), treatment and reuse of wastewater and ambient water quality (6.3), water use efficiency and scarcity (6.4), IWRW including through transboundary cooperation, (6.5), protecting and restoring water-related ecosystem (6.6), international cooperation and capacity building (6.a), and participation in water and sanitation management (6.b).

Under Target 6.a: Expand international cooperation and capacity building, Gaia Education (a GAP Key Partner in the Priority Action Area on ESD at local level) in partnership with Scottish Government Hydro Nation Division, Strathclyde University, UNITAR and CREW is conducting the MOOC Local Water Solutions for Global Problems. The free course starts on 22 March 2019 (World Water Day) and addresses a number of global water challenges including human development needs, water security, water quality, water availability, root causes of water scarcity, water distribution and equity, and the interactions between climate change and water, bringing innovative local solutions that span policy, technology, integrated design and behaviour change.

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