Learning never stops – tell UNESCO how you are coping with COVID-19 school closures


Some 190 countries across the globe have closed their schools and university to stop the spread of Coronavirus. This has forced an estimated 1.5 billion learners to stay at home.

Students, teachers and parents from the UNESCO Associated Schools Network are sharing inspiring stories about how they are coping and continuing to learn during COVID-19 school closures.

UNESCO is now calling on learners, teachers and parents from around the world to record and share a short video on their social media channels – using the hashtag #LearningNeverStops and tagging @UNESCO – to tell the world how they are keeping up with their education and handling this unprecedented education interruption. Their messages of hope will inspire many others during this difficult situation.

Marwa, a high school student from Lebanon said she’s keeping up with her lessons online where her teachers send the daily courses and are available for questions through WhatsApp. “I know that we are all living in difficult times, but remember that after the rain, there is always a rainbow” she says. “Coronavirus might be tough, but we are tougher.”

"As a teacher, I educate learners on measures to take in order to protect themselves from this deadly virus," says Paul from Kenya.

“Never lose hope, be strong and take care of yourself,” is the message from Kaspar, a student from Estonia who is passionate about cross-country skiing. “We’ll defeat the virus together.”


“I miss seeing my friends and talking to them face to face and having classes together,” said 17-year-old Nanda from Indonesia. “I also miss my school routine, waking up early in the morning and worrying about the homework I didn’t do. I believe we will get through this, stay optimistic.”


Photo: Szefei/Shutterstock.com