Launching a project “Sudan: Paving the Road for the 2030 Education Agenda”

18 May 2016



During the period of the 10th-12th of May 2016, a mission from the Education Policy Section of the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris visited Khartoum launching the project Sudan: Paving the Road for the 2030 Education Agenda funded by UNESCO. Dr. Francesc Pedró and Ms. Megumi Watanabe met top-managers of the Education Sector of Sudan, national experts, and experts from NGOs and UN organizations. (In the photo above – Ms. Megumi Watanabe and Dr. Francesc Pedró are discussing the scope of the project with Dr. Souad Abdelrazig, the Minister of Education of the Republic of Sudan)

The project was promoted by the Education Sector of UNESCO, the Khartoum office of UNESCO, and the Sudanese National Commission for Education, Science and Culture. It is planned to take approximately 9 months resulting in the following deliverables:

  • A simulation/projection of the key benchmarking indicators for the Sustainable Development Goal 4 for Sudan – matching the Education 2030 Agenda.
  • An assessment, drawing on empirical sources, of the progress made by the country in relation to both quality and equity in education from the stanpoint of Education 2030, with particular emphasis on issues related to access, performance and efficiency.
  • A set of policy recommendations, drawing on international experiences and best practices – resolving found bottlenecks for progressing in the direction of Education 2030.
  • A roadmap for implementing the policy recommendations, leading to proposals to mobilize funds from different funding sources.

After several discussions on the bottlenecks that may prevent the Sudanese education system from reaching the ambitious 2030 Global Education targets, it was proposed to focus the UNESCO activity on the following areas:

  • Indicators and benchmarks for the Sudanese Education Sector to bring it in the Education 2030 Agenda / SDG 4.
  • Teachers’ capacity, including issues of capacity building, motivation, certification, and career path.
  • Literacy in Sudan, both, pushing down drop-out rates for school-age children, and encouraging lifelong learning for youth and adults.

The definitive scope of the project will be finally settled in consultations between national and UNESCO’s experts in the coming two weeks.