Launch and premiere of the “+ ou - 5 mètres” documentary series at UNESCO Headquarters

On 1 December 2015, director Dominique Hennequin took the UNESCO audience on an incredible odyssey, from the surface to “more or less 5 meters” deep, between air and sea, from one ocean to another...

Based on an original idea of his own, diver-photographer Joe Bunni reaches out to local communities, guides and scientists to ask for their opinions on their increasingly fragile surroundings. Manatees, sharks, Komodo dragons, polar bears – all have to endure the impacts of a warmer atmosphere and pollution.

The screening was followed by a debate led by Hervé Claude, writer and former journalist at France 2 and Arte, with the presence of Joe Bunni; Dominique Hennequin; François Sarano, oceanographer, diver and co-writer of the movie “Océans”; Bertrand Piccard, one of the instigators and pilots of the solar airplane Solar Impulse, also first aeronaut to circle the world in a balloon (1999); Gilles Reverdin, researcher and Assistant Director of the Laboratoire d’océanographie et du climat : expérimentations et approches numériques (LOCEAN); Claire Nouvian, founder and Director of the Bloom association which works for the protection of oceans and small-scale fishing; and Mario Cyr, diver-photographer, President of the SOS Océans association.

This premiere was the first of many activities organized by UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) during COP21 to inform and raise public awareness on the link between ocean and climate.