La Palma Biosphere Reserve launches its Action Plan for 2013-2022

The island of La Palma was the first biosphere reserve of the Canary Islands, and among the first Spanish biosphere reserves. In 1983, UNESCO declared just over 500 hectares of the island a reserve. In the years since the island has been recognized for its progress, becoming a benchmark for sustainable development. In 2002, UNESCO declared the entire island a biosphere reserve.

The La Palma BR Action Plan for 2013-2022 is being launched one decade after UNESCO’s declaration. Time has passed and profound changes have occurred at the local, national and international level. The social, economic and environmental impacts of these changes on the island have made it essential to promote the formulation of new objectives, strategies and actions to delve deeper into the inherent values of the biosphere reserve concept and reinforce the principles of sustainability in the region.

The Action Plan 2013-2022 pays greater attention to the resident population and seeks the active participation of local citizens – vitally important aspects of the reserve. The plan is being launched with the slogan, “All Voices, All Hands”, reflecting the importance of solidarity in crucial aspects such as food sovereignty, recycling and responsible consumption, and health and safety.