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KSRelief and UNESCO sign three agreements to implement educational projects in Yemen

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UNESCO Beirut will implement KSRelief-funded educational projects in Yemen to ensure that no child is left behind. 

Paris, 2 October 2019 – Building up on the success of their joint project “Supporting the Completion of Basic Education for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon”, which provided learning opportunities for more than 8200 refugee and at-risk Syrian children in Lebanon, the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (KSRelief) and UNESCO Office in Beirut signed new agreements to implement three educational projects in Yemen for a total cost of 4.7 million USD.  

Labelled “Education Promotes Peace”, “I Have the Right to Develop”, and “My Right to Learn”, the projects aim to provide out-of-school and at-risk children in Yemen with learning opportunities through catch-up and alternative education programmes, and to develop educational resources related to SDG4, and accelerated educational content and resources that promote the principles of social cohesion, citizenship, peace, and prevent violent extremism. The projects also aim to design and develop educational fora and regional research network in the field of flexible learning and social cohesion.

An official ceremony was organized at UNESCO HQ in Paris and the agreements were signed by Dr Amal Al Habdan representing KSRelief, and Ms Stefania Giannini, Assistant Director General for Education at UNESCO.

The three projects are as follows:

Education Promotes Peace

The project aims to design and develop educational resources related to SDG4, and accelerated educational content to help establish alternative educational models and pathways. It also aims to adhere to principles, concepts, and content which support social cohesion and citizenship and prevent violent extremism.

Yemeni National Capacity-Building project to create Alternative Pathways for Out-Of-School and At-Risk Children (I Have the Right to Develop):

The project aims to strengthen Yemen’s national education capacities in order to reach out-of-school children and those at risk of dropping out, and to reinforce national capacities in the field of education for peace.

Catch-up education programme for Yemeni children (My Right to Learn):

The project aims to provide alternative educational opportunities for out-of-school children aged 7-14 through innovative and flexible models, such as one-classroom schools and remedial summer support programmes.

It is worth noting that these projects were designed based on consultations and mutual visits between UNESCO Beirut, KSRelief, and Yemen’s Ministry of Education and Higher Education.