Junior and High School Students in Southeast Asia Trying Out Sustainable Eco-Printing Techniques through Hands-On Online Training

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14 - Life Below Water

During the World Earth Day and Girls in ICT online celebration on 22 April 2021, UNESCO launched a Short-Silent Video Competition for youth between 11 and 19 years old in Southeast Asia. Around 370 videos on environmental sustainability during the COVID-19 pandemic entered the competition. The 35 selected groups representing 72 finalists’ students from six countries (Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam) were announced during the World Environment Day and World Oceans Day Online Celebration on 14 June 2021.

The jury members: (1) Ms Sudana Zeva, L’Oreal Indonesia; (2) Mr Puthut Ardianto, Indonesian Association for Eco-Printers (AEPI); (3) Ms Jasmine Tang, Empire Code Loves Back; (4) Dr Ai Sugiura, UNESCO Jakarta; (5) Dr Cristina Romero-Castillo, 2020 UNESCO-L’Oreal International Rising Talent; (6) Dr Jennifer Garden, 2020 UNESCO-L’Oreal International Rising Talent; and (7) Mr Karnadi, Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, Indonesian National Commission for UNESCO, evaluated the selected 35 finalists videos.

UNESCO invited the 72 student-finalists to a two-week special Eco-Print training organised in collaboration with AEPI to raise awareness of the students and further support environmental sustainability through sustainable fashion and lifestyle. Before the training, they received an eco-print introduction kit sent by post. The finalists (70% female) received a series of Hands-On training on the eco-print methods using the natural dyes from leaves and flowers commonly found in their neighbourhood.

The first online training was organised on 20 June 2021, providing the students with an introduction to Eco-Printing and the materials collected from their neighbourhood, such as teak and guava leaves, cosmos flowers and cosmos leaves and easily found natural dyes. For two weeks, the trainers assisted students through a WhatsApp Group in preparing the homemade mordant-iron solution and natural dyes made from black tea, turmeric or onion skin. In the last session,  the trainers, Ms Inen Kurnia and Mr Masrur Arae, guided the students to apply the Eco-Printing methods to create their eco-printing design. The students expressed their pleasure and delight in learning eco-printing.  They stated this series of Hands-On Training were an invaluable and immense experience for them. At the end of the training, the country winners and the regional winners of the UNESCO Short-Silent Video Competition were announced (see the list below).

L’Oreal for Women in Science and L’Oreal Indonesia Girls in Science programmes, AEPI, and Empire Code Loves Back are also supported this series of activities. This activity reinforced the attainment of the 2030 Agenda, especially on Sustainable Development Goals 4, 9 and 14.

For further information, please contact Dr Ai Sugiura (

Regional Winners

  1. Plastic for Food by Vedant Dilip Budhrani and Anamika Dilip Budhrani, The Philippines
  2. Small Swaps Big Impact by Sajida Ayu Kusuma Wardhani, Indonesia
  3. Carpooling for Sustainable Environment by Maria Maureen Linggar, Indonesia


Country Winners


  1. Growing Plants from the Recycled Plastic Cup by Pang Narithtithya, Lim Molinaka, and Than Kunnavuth
  2. Team Up to Clean Up by Mom sovann Nilyza 



  1. Small Swaps Big Impact by Sajida Ayu Kusuma Wardhani, Indonesia
  2. Carpooling for Sustainable Environment by Maria Maureen Linggar, Indonesia
  3. Love Nature or Not by Matthew Jefferson Handyman and Phoebe Bellen Nugraha



  1. Mask Pollution by Alya Sofiya binti Azhar
  2. Meraki Saves the Earth by Irdina Sofea Binti Ramlee and Nur Balqis Binti Amirruddin
  3. Save Electricity by Zaren Harris Bin Ammil Harris, Nik Irfan Ariff Bin Nik Ahmad Azlee, and Anoushka Rajaram


The Philippines

  1. Plastic for Food by Vedant Dilip Budhrani and Anamika Dilip Budhrani, The Philippines
  2. The Green Effect by Shirin Saundh, Yvie Go, and Layla Go
  3. Silent Call by Mylene Tiondo


  1. Safe World From Home by Chayaporn Kantangkul, Kornkanok Kantangkul, and Chanakarn Kantangkul

Viet Nam

  1. Recycling COVID-19 Waste by Nguyễn Thùy Dương, Lê Minh Thảo My and Dương Ngọc Bảo Trân


UNESCO Calls Students to Participate in Environmental Sustainability Video Competition