Joint UNESCO-Italian Press Conference on Results of two-year cooperation in Sudan


©UNESCO: Joint UNESCO-Italy Press Conference, Khartoum, 12 December 2017

14 December 2017




A joint UNESCO-Italy press conference took place on 12 December 2017 on UNESCO’s premises in Khartoum, aiming to inform the Sudanese society about results of UNESCO-Italy cooperation for sustainable development of the country.


In his presentation, the Italian Ambassador, H.E. Mr. Fabrizio Lobasso informed journalists on strategic outlines of UNESCO-Italy cooperation in Sudan. He highlighted the main key words for this cooperation, which are “culture” and “communication” – marking three areas of it as:

  • Heritage: #United4Heritage in Sudan

  • Journalism and Freedom of Expression:  Empowering Women in Sudanese Media

  • Radio: Making Radio Better for Sudanese


Then, the UNESCO Representative in Sudan, H.E. Mr. Pavel Kroupkine, after warmest thanking Italy and Italian people for supporting UNESCO activities in Sudan, informed the participants on details about achievements and on plans for the future.  In particular, for the #United4Heritage outline he mentioned the Conference “Safeguarding Cultural Heritage: Challenges and Opportunities in the Sudanese context, informed about joint intention of parties to make 2nd Conference in 2018, and then, with deep gratitude to Italy, he announced a possible UNESCO-Italian project for rehabilitating the Sudanese National Museum.


For Empowering Women in Sudanese Media, Mr. Kroupkine put on the table

He also informed journalists about plans of the parties to continue efforts in capacity building of women-journalists in Sudan.


For Making Radio Better for Sudanese, Mr. Kroupkine attracted attention of the public to

  • The annual commemoration of the World Radio Day; in particular, he mentioned the beautiful evening party of WRD 2017, which took place in Casa d’Italia, and announced a UNESCO-Italy plans to make the WRD 2018 celebration in Khartoum and Kassala

  • The running project “Promoting human development and civic virtues among the Sudanese rural communities: supporting the rural radio broadcasting in the Eastern States”, which aims to strengthen Community Radio Services (CRSs) of the National Radios in eastern states of Sudan via:

    • Upgrading media-studios for CRSs of all three states

    • Organizing 4 training sessions for the staff of CRSs – contributing to quality of their broadcasting

    • Developing 21 new radio messages in several local languages – to inform rural people about better practices being able to improve their everyday life and reduce risks of different disasters

    • Organizing 20 more listening groups in rural communities – to strengthen channels of knowledge dissemination

    • Expanding rural broadcasting – making it longer and more appropriate for understanding of Eastern Sudanese

He also mentioned the assessment study for better understanding of how it is possible in Sudan to make a small radio station owned by a rural community – for better informing this community about their news, their celebrations, and useful information improving their lives.


After the speeches, the Ambassador of Italy and UNESCO Representative parties answered the questions of the journalists.