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Japan and UNESCO join forces to deepen nature's benefits to people

Building on a first joint project for Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) launched in 2012 for an amount of USD 300,000, under the new project, the Ministry of Environment will provide an additional contribution of USD 260,975.

Further to the formalization of arrangements in November 2014, the Ministry of the Environment of Japan and UNESCO are ready to launch a new project in support of IPBES Work Plan (2014-2018). 

Working with UNESCO helps generate a broader perspective on the value of biodiversity including in cultural terms” said Mr Okuda, Director of the Global Diversity Strategy Office of the Japanese Ministry of the Environment, during a recent meeting with UNESCO in Tokyo to discuss the project.

Specifically, the project will be devoted to the development of the IPBES guide on scenario analysis and modelling of biodiversity and ecosystem services, including participatory (community-based) scenarios; as well as to the IPBES guide on the conceptualization of values of biodiversity and nature’s benefits to people, including cultural values.

UNESCO, with the support of the Japanese Ministry of the Environment and the UN University, has led the development of the IPBES conceptual framework. UNESCO is an institutional co-sponsor of IPBES and  also hosts the IPBES Technical Support Unit on recognition of Indigenous and Local Knowledge in the work of the Platform.