In January 1954, the Courier makes a new start

01 February 2018

Excerpts from the Editorial

At the beginning of this new year, the UNESCO Courier has wanted to do more than just offer its readers the traditional season's greetings. It has sought to "make a new start". In response to the desire expressed by readers it is abandoning its tabloid newspaper size for a new magazine format easier to read, handle and keep. It has increased the number of pages, designed a new cover in colour and prepared a brighter yet sober presentation(…).

In its contents the Courier will continue to remain faithful to its set goal: to serve as a window opening on the world of education, science and culture through which the schoolteacher in particular for whom this publication is primarily conceived and prepared and other readers in general can look out on to wide global horizons. Each month it will present by text and image, features which are both informative and thought-provoking, and will devote a section to an authoritative treatment of an important world problem and show how it is being dealt with nationally and internationally. The Courier particularly invites comments, criticisms and suggestions from its readers. To the teacher who demands something more than run-of-the-mill fare, to those who are interested in people and problems of other nations, in the dramatic but little known story of ordinary men and women working together to raise standards of living, combat ignorance and disease, reduce racial prejudice and foster international understanding, to all those who are alert to today's events and problems in education, in the arts and the sciences, the Courier says: This is a periodical specially prepared for you.

The Editors