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IV Ibero-American Education and Museums Prize

he registrations for the fourth edition of this Prize are now open. Between September 16th and October 31st of 2013, institutions acting in the fields of education and museums are entitled to submit their applications for the two categories of the Prize: Category I for finished or ongoing projects; and Category II for projects yet in pre-production or design state.

The Ibermuseus Program aims to reaffirm and amplify the educational capacity of museums and of cultural and natural heritage, as transformation strategies of the social reality.

Thus, Ibermuseus annually calls the Ibero-american Education and Museums Prize, of which its results integrates, afterwards, the Good Practices Bank in Educational Action of Ibermuseus.

Ibermuseus Program

Headquartered in Brasilia, Ibermuseus is the intergovernmental program of cooperation in public policies for museums in the Ibero-American Cultural Space. In its three past editions, the program awarded 16 projects in Ibero-America, as well as incorporated 60 successful experiences in the Ibero-American Good Practices Bank in Education and Museums.

The objectives of the Prize are to recognize, reward and to highlight good practices in educational activities promoted by museums and related institutions. Special attention is given to projects that promote development and social cohesion using the museological heritage as an educational resource, reaffirming the museums responsibility as essential agents for human and social development.

The evaluation of the Prize will be done by a Technical Committee composed by experts out of the 10 countries that form the Intergovernmental Committee of Ibermuseus. There will be considered criteria as the socio-cultural impact of the projects, the appreciation of cultural diversity, the decentralization and participating nature, the sustainability of the actions and the existence of indicators and means of results evaluation.

  • For further information and to check the registration form, please check Ibermuseos website.