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Irina Bokova congratulates President Dilma Rousseff over reelection‎ to a second term

Following the reelection of H. E. Dilma Rousseff as President of Brazil, the Director-General attended the official investiture ceremony at the invitation of the Government of Brazil, on 1 January 2015.

During the bilateral meeting which followed, the Director-General congratulated President Dilma Rousseff for placing her second term presidency under the slogan "Brazil – A learning Country," underlining the paramount role of education to achieve sustainable development and to foster inclusive societies in an ever more interconnected and challenging world.

The meeting was also attended by Minister Aloisio Mercadante, former Minister of Education and currently appointed Minister of the Civil Cabinet, as well as former Chancellor Figueiredo and the current Chancellor, Ambassador Mauro Vieira.

Minister Aloisio Mercadante underscored that education will be at the core of President's Rousseff's second mandate.

"UNESCO is determined to support the Government of Brazil in all its efforts to upgrade its education system in the face of growing challenges posed by quality and knowledge divide" declared Irina Bokova.

The Director-General also invited President Dilma Rousseff to attend the celebrations of UNESCO's 70th anniversary.