Iraqi professionals return from Italy with new skills for heritage conservation



Iraqi experts from the Provincial Council and the Governorate of Nineveh, the municipality of Mosul and Nineveh’s Antiquities Department recently participated in a tailor made training course on architectural conservation in Italy.

The two week training that was organized by UNESCO and Scuola Europea dei Mestieri (SEUM) in September in Arezzo, Tuscany, was one of the activities of the project ‘The study and documentation for the stabilization and conservation of Al-Hadba Minaret in Mosul’.

The workshops addressed such varied topics as ‘Safety in building and restoration works’, ‘Theory of restoration’, ‘Introduction to materials’, ‘Urban scale restoration’, ‘Importance of history in restoration design’, and ‘Promotion, maintenance and management of artworks’.

The participants of the study tour also visited historical sites under restoration in the cities of Arezzo,  Florence, Pisa, Anghiari, Venice and Rome to get first-hand exposure to a few of the most emblematic historical buildings and archaeological sites under restoration. 

The group also met with Italian authorities, associations, enterprises and suppliers including the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, the Municipality of Arezzo and the Professional Association of Architects.

Upon their return to Iraq, participants agreed that the study tour has equipped them with the knowledge and tools for better documenting, managing and restoring of heritage sites.