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International Recruitment of Research Specialist in Water Hazard and Risk Management

ICHARM (International Centre for Water Hazard and Risk Management) under the auspices of UNESCO is now accepting applications for a Research Specialist position. Applications are due 14 April 2014.

ICHARM (PWRI) employs researchers with particular skills and knowledge as Research Specialists. Researchers in this position will have access to ICHARM’s (PWRI's) special research facilities and locally-collected data and engage in investigation and research with fellow researchers.Research Specialists also have chance to publish papers on research and investigation in which they will be involved, which will be a great benefit to their career as researchers. Moreover, the results of research and investigation will contribute to more efficient execution of quality social infrastructure development by being incorporated in, for example, technical training at the institutional level and technical guidelines at the governmental level.

Candidates are strongly encouraged to apply for this job opportunity.