The International Convention against Doping in Sport welcomes three new States Parties

, France

In light of its 10th anniversary, celebrated this year, the International Convention against Doping in Sport welcomes Madagascar, Kiribati and Honduras, bringing the total number of States Parties to 179. This increase in the number of States Parties at a sustained rate since 2005 is a powerful signal towards the entire sport world but also the civil society, demonstrating the States’ commitment to fight the scourge of doping and protect athletes and young women and men involved in sports, by taking appropriate measures, notably at the regulatory level.

This increasing engagement to the values defended by the Convention calls for optimism regarding the prevention of doping phenomena and contributes to the development of a clean sport, respectful of its values and its public. Such accessions also acknowledge UNESCO’s role in protecting sport values and ethics, at a time when they need to be reaffirmed and reinforced.

As the only United Nations’ organization with a mandate for sport, UNESCO commends, through these new accessions, the Member States’ willingness to actively fight doping in sport and promote clean sport. UNESCO also invites those States that have not yet adhered to the Convention to do so in order to guarantee the Convention’s global reach and to consecrate, all together, Fair Play and ethics as universally shared values.