Information meeting with Members States on the Global Convention on Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications

27 September 2017

In July and September 2017, UNESCO Higher Education Section organized a series of meetings with the Member States’ permanent delegations to UNESCO in order to provide further information on the preparation of the future Global Convention on Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications.

The Chief of Higher Education Section, Mr. Peter Wells, presented the background and the preparation process of the future Convention, which was followed by discussions with representatives of permanent delegations present in the room. The permanent delegations were invited to the meetings according to which Electoral Group they belong to in order to facilitate the dialogue with small groups and to encourage questions related to the regional conventions on recognition of higher education qualifications.

The preliminary draft text of future Global Convention on Recognition proposes to accommodate universal principles and norms through fair, transparent and non-discriminatory mechanisms of recognition of titles, diplomas and qualifications worldwide. Consistent with the revised Regional Recognition Conventions, a future Global Convention on Recognition will give students better opportunities to have their qualifications obtained abroad and assessed. In line with the Education 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals number 4, this new international framework aims to enhance lifelong learning and a quality and inclusive education by ensuring quality of provision at higher education institutions and by facilitating academic mobility between regions.

To this end, the preparation of the future Global Convention on Recognition is an important process that needs to rely on the involvement of Member States, higher education bodies, agencies and institutions, civil society and students.

UNESCO Member States will decide at General Conference in November 2017 the next steps in the process towards the possible adoption of the new Convention in 2019.