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Indonesia presents Funds-in-Trust Agreement to Director-General

The Director-General received a Funds-in-Trust agreement signed by Indonesia’s Minister of Education and Culture that will support projects in education, science, culture and communications, at UNESCO Headquarters on 3 October 2013.

The document was presented to Mrs Bokova by Ambassador Carmadi Machbub, in the presence of Professor Arief Rachman, Executive Chairman of the National Commission for UNESCO.

The  $4 million  contribution provided by the Republic of Indonesia through this agreement will be allocated to projects covering strategies to address the social implication of climate change, encourage sustainable tourism, preserve biodiversity, promote green schools and build a model of disaster resilient cities.

Expressing UNESCO’s appreciation for the contribution, the Director-General affirmed that “these projects are in line with your country’s priorities and it is an honour for UNESCO to support them. Indonesia has combined impressive economic growth with efforts to promote social inclusion. The country’s cultural diversity is an example for the world.”

“This is not a ceremony, it is a marriage between Indonesia and UNESCO,” said Professor Rachman. “The eight projects have been agreed by all Parties and will be of mutual benefit.”

The Government of Indonesia pledged US$10 million to UNESCO in November 2011, of which US $6 million were allocated to the UNESCO Emergency Multi-Donor Fund. The remaining $4 million will be channeled through the Funds-in-Trust agreement.