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16 - Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

In response to the second “My Solution” call, launched by UNESCO GCC and Yemen office and RNW Media, inviting young Yemenis to send their “solutions” to achieve peace in their country, Humans of Taiz was among the 7 initiatives who submitted outstanding proposals which are selected and supported for further development.


Humans of Taiz, launched in 2019 as a photography documentation project, aims to capture images of people in Yemen without prejudice to gender, race, sect or color, and to narrate their stories. Through sharing the content on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and on their blog, the initiative aim to encourage unity within the society fragmented by the conflict, by focusing on the individuals and their stories away from politics.


In relation to the “My Solution” activity, Humans of Taiz opted to create an online awareness raising campaign using the same model adopted in their platform, which includes sharing visuals and true stories of individuals to relay a powerful message to the audience. The campaign, which showcases the efforts of Yemeni women in contributing to peacebuilding, includes videos, written stories, visual narratives and graphic designs. The stories cover humanitarian topics such as the inclusion of those with special needs, volunteering to support the orphans and cancer patients, countering racial discrimination, among other topics.

Through our posts, we are able to highlight remarkable stories of women peacebuilders. The powerful messages are receiving high interactions, some of them even reached 67,000 views.

Maha AWN, social media manager at Humans of Taiz

Awn explained that through participating in “My Solution”, Humans of Taiz are not only able to engage with the audience on important societal issues but also empower the women behind these stories, “We noticed that the women were encouraged to amplify their peace contributions. Sarah, whose remarkable volunteering journey was featured, was motivated to continue inspiring her community to work towards peacebuilding.” Awn also added that the Humans of Taiz team are able to benefit on a professional level, “We are gaining solid skills related to project and financial planning, and content management.”

The initiative, which first targeted the youth in Taiz, is now working to reach individuals in different Yemeni governorates.

Humans of Taiz - My Solutions - UNPBF project
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Through participating in ‘My Solution’ we are able to strengthen the role of our platform and expand the scope of our work.

Khalid ALSAEED, Founder of Humans of Taiz