High-level participants from over 50 countries ready to join in the dialogue on gender equality in media

The twin events International Development and Cooperation Meeting on Gender and Media, and the First General Assembly of the Global Alliance on Media and Gender (GAMAG) will take place in one month, from 7 to 10 December in Geneva.

The main objective of the events is to initiate dialogue about an international development cooperation framework on gender and media.  Real change starts with dialogue. Genuine dialogue leads to commitment, maybe not immediately but eventually.

Already an encouraging number of confirmations have been received from media partners, governments, UN agencies, funds and programmes, national and regional development organizations, private sector and other international development organizations, from over 50 countries.

A pre-meeting online dialogue will soon commence to exchange idea on key ingredients for an international development cooperation framework on gender and media.

In order to facilitate the information circulation and to present the current achieved outcomes to enhance gender equality in and through media, UNESCO and GAMAG have launched a website dedicated to the events, which goes live today.

The web address is http://en.unesco.org/gamag. Important new features will be gradually presented during the following three weeks.

As the events are approaching rapidly, the registration forms of both events will be closed very soon. To join the dialogue, register for these events by following the links below:

If you will attend both events - https://crm.unesco.org/local/?q=node/15 or if you will attend GAMAG General Assembly only - https://crm.unesco.org/local/