Heads of UNESCO's three Governing Organs Meet

24 January 2017

On 24 January, within the framework of 189EX/Decision 11.8 (2O12) instituting meetings of the heads of the three institutional organs of UNESCO at regular intervals to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the Organization, the Director-General, Irina Bokova, the President of the General Conference, Stanley Simataa and the Chairperson of the Executive Board,  Michael Worbs, held their first meeting of the year to review key issues concerning the Organization and the required interaction between the three organs.

The discussion covered a wide range of key topics, including the preparation of the 39th session of the General Conference, the 201st session of the Executive Board, the ongoing reform process of the Organization and related audit and evaluation reports, the forthcoming intersessional meetings of Members of the Executive Board and the evaluation report of this process. This will be integrated in the report of the Working Group on governance that will be submitted at the Autumn sessions of the governing bodies of UNESCO.

Following a fruitful exchange on these different issues, the heads of the three institutional organs together emphasized the importance of sustaining such dialogue between the three governing organs of the Organization. They agreed to convene another meeting prior to the 201stsession of the Executive Board in April, to further discuss issues of common interest.