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Harmonizing community livelihood with biodiversity conservation

The South and Central Asian Network of the Man and Biosphere (SACAM) programme, represented by Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Iran, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, is organizing its fifth meeting under the title ‘Harmonizing community livelihood with biodiversity conservation’.

The meeting will take place in Islamabad, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, from 26–27 November 2013, and will be convened and hosted jointly by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Pakistan, the Pakistan Science Foundation, the Pakistan Museum of Natural History and the UNESCO Islamabad office.

The goal of this international meeting is to develop sustainable approaches for the use of natural resources that take into account community livelihoods. The meeting will provide an opportunity for SACAM member states to improve cooperation among scientists and policy-makers with aim of developing cross-boundary strategies for harmonizing human-environment interactions.