Harmonizing the approach for the joint reporting of national achievements on SDG4 and the Continental Strategy for Education in Africa (CESA)

04 - Quality Education

From 17 to 19 December 2019, a workshop on Monitoring and Reporting Mechanisms for Country Achievements on SDG4 and CESA will take place in Nairobi, Kenya. This workshop aims tosupport the improvement of data and the systematic monitoring and evaluation of national education policies, programmes and projects, in line with the SDGs, particularly the SDG4-Education 2030 framework for action.

During the SDG4 national consultations held in Sub Saharan Africa in 2016/17, concerns were expressed in relation to benchmarking and setting national targets, policy implementation and reporting mechanisms for the CESA and SDG4 targets.

The same concerns were raised during the African regional forum on the SDGs (Marrakech 2019); and the Pan African Conference on Education (PACE 2018) where members States instructed the African Union and UNESCO to work together to produce, on a regular basis, the continental monitoring report for both CESA and SDG4.

After four years of the SDG agenda, countries have to assess their achievements so far against their national policy priorities and targets. This activity is an attempt to harmonize the approach for the joint reporting of national achievements on SDG4 and the CESA.

In fact, countries committed to report their achievements on a number of frameworks at different levels including national, regional, continental and global levels. This diversity of commitments can create frustrations and burden to the national body in charge of reporting. It is therefore important to hold discussions between countries and education partners including the UN system and the African Union on the best approach to joint monitoring of the two agendas. A number of questions such as the structure and content of the report, role and responsibility of each stakeholder and the cycle for reporting are important questions to elaborate during the workshop.

The workshop will bring together government officials, mainly education policy makers, planners, statisticians and SDG4 focal points; the African Union Commission (HRST); the SDG4 Co-Conveners and education partners.

Participants will come from 25 countries in Eastern, Central and Western Africa.

The expected results of the workshop are:

· Share the same understanding of CESA and SDG4-Education 2030 within the sub-regional and national contexts.

· Agreed strategy for strengthening coordination mechanisms for the implementation of SDG4 and CESA at the continental, regional and national levels.

· Approved national indicators framework for reporting against CESA and SDG4

· Approved reporting template

· Developed action plan for reporting country achievements against CESA and SDG4 national targets.